Sandwiches Packaged

Gastronomia e Catering produces and distributes sandwiches packaged in Rome and province. The production is distinguished for its extraordinary quality and product care. The sandwiches are always fresh: from the freshly baked bread and freshly prepared ingredients, are delivered the same day they were packaged without preservatives and without protective atmosphere.

The freshness of sandwiches produced and packed by Gastronomia e Catering becomes not only in greater consumer satisfaction, but also in a considerable saving of time by the bartender/waiter or should not do things that can make it presentable on product to your customer.

The sandwiches and rolls of Gastronomia e Catering are produced and manufactured without the use of preservatives and/or protective atmosphere. Products stored in a protective atmosphere or with other methods of conservation, air force them to leave the sandwich for a few minutes before serving to allow the evaporation of preservatives and often operations to cover the flavor of these chemicals that alter the flavor and texture. Nothing sandwiches chewy, sour or metallic taste, with the Sandwiches of Gastronomia e Catering  the quality and freshness is guaranteed.

Gastronomia e Catering is able to offer a wide variety of sandwiches of first choice and service delivery quick and accurate. Ingredients are always fresh and high quality craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Packaged sandwiches, delicious in taste and perfect in form, are the ideal solution for any event from the event in Rome to the delicatessen counter of bars, sandwich shops, exhibitions, fairs and hotels.

Gastronomy and Catering distributes:
toast, sandwiches, wraps, sandwiches, pizzas with a packaging ideal for bars and sandwich shops, fairs, etc. ..

Gastronomia e Catering also produces a wide range of ready meals for bars, hotels and communities from petits fours to multiporzioni think especially for bars, packaged in containers designed to be heated in microwave oven.

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