Business Catering; Transported meals

The service of meals transported of Gastronomia e Catering is the ideal solution to meet the needs of staff canteen without the need to have eating facilities and also responded to the needs of mobility, such as songs and works out of the office building for medium and long periods.

The service offer is created meals delivered to the actual needs of the company and its employees. The delivered meals service provides a healthy balanced diet favoring a faster resumption of work activities. Eating in the company allows employees to have more time to eat properly, many nutritionists agree that eating meals quickly out of the office for the limited time available is harmful to health and also causes drowsiness, which rests on the ability of pay attention to complex and repetitive tasks.

Much attention is paid to the rich variation of the menu (never the same even in the long run) providing the variability of a balanced nutrition and balanced meals each meal consumed daily in-house without the need to travel. It follows, therefore, healthy and balanced diet not only far from sandwiches and sandwiches consumed at the bar or sad salad "shake and taste" in supermarkets, but even better than many of canteen services agreement with the nearest restaurant. Particular attention is paid to the requirements of an ethical, moral, religious and even of a few part of employees. An employee satisfed has always been synonymous of the best business productivity.

Gastronoma e Catering is a choice that:

  • adds value to the relationship between the company and its employees;
  • provides a service characterized by warmth and hospitality of its people; pays great attention and flexibility in meeting the special needs of customers in the dietetic field and/or ethnic/religious;
  • guarantees the punctuality and reliability in the service of meals delivered.

The attention paid by our chefs for the organoleptic characteristics of food "transported" (in terms of aroma/flavor/texture), but also of a purely aesthetic not detract from the experience of a meal in the best Italian tradition. The processed products, ready for delivery, are transported in thermal containers that retain faithfully the organoleptic qualities.

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