Finger Food: snacks to eat with your hands

Gastronomy and Catering in Rome, Lazio and troughout the Italian territory is synonymous of Finger Food, selected products from better producers and distributed with all the care and experience, only to make your events, by a unique and original wedding, where lunch is entirely replaced with the traditional Finger Food to the simple refreshments.

Gastronomia e Catering distributes unique ideas of Finger Food for children: touch the food with their hands, studying it and manipulate it before eating is a real passion for each child. The Finger Food are the ideal for a special birthday party.  Just for smaller parties the Finger Food are becoming a craze, not only to eat with your hands, but because you can choose between lots and range, from simple godurie gourmet to solutions based on rice and oriental floavour.Gastronomia e Catering is costantly looking for products "coolest" of traditional and international kitchen to offer the best of eat catering from meals pasta prepared to most exclusive solutions.

The Finger Food,literally food eaten with the hands, is ideal for openings and events where guests eat standing up the meal. The Finger Food is even more popular for traditional events such as baptims, communions and weddings, providing greater flexibility and affordability undisputed. Finger Food are the pretzels, cheese and olives on toothpicks, chicken wings, spring rolls, the rolls of sausage, mini sausage of toothpicks, french fries, pizzas, bruschette, fruit skewers, skewered vegetables, fish or meat skewers, vol au vent and rice balls.