Catering and Banqueting

In all of your important occasions, for corporate events, personal meetings, the most significant occurrences in family life the catering service offers a personalized menu and a professional service worthy of great Italian culinary tradition. Catering today has changed: once was enough an home cooking (not always synonymous of quality and safety) and generous portions. Today, the abundance of food and overeating population make it extremely difficult to experience the tastes of food at consumers that became bored and disinterested.

For that Gastronomia e Catering makes every event unique to the wedding dinner gala by providing meals of high culinary from every Italian region to the more exotic, from the most humble to the most wanted to leave an unforgettable memory in hosts. The meal is a ritual in our country which is of great importance both individual and social Gastronomia e Catering makes every effort, guaranteed by a constant update on the uses and customs, technologies, and health problems and to offer nutritional meals and never boring is successful.

The banqueting service for Gastronomia e Catering services is characterized by a buffet service with a menu of snacks, cafeteria, bar, snacks, a la carte dining or quick lunch in exhibition centers, convention facilities and location in general . For all proposals may be selected by the customer the most suitable composition to the meeting (tablecloths, cutlery, tables, various preparations).

The products already manufactured and ready for delivery, are transported in thermal containers that retain faithfully the organoleptic qualities. And in possession of the certificate of the Civil Aviation Authority, for the supply of airline catering at the airport of Ciampino. Currently provides a wide assortment of food to large groups and provides the service catering to small and medium-sized companies, airlines, public and private companies.

Gastronomia e Catering brings his specialties and tastes even in Business, Education, Office for lunches or dinners, parties and corporate events. Our Catering always ensures a perfect service by changing the menu in relation to each occasion.

For every need of Gastronomy in Rome and in all the nation
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