Basket LUNCH, packed lunch and lunch-box

Gastronomia e Catering prepares and packs lunch boxes and lunch baskets for: travel agencies, film sets, tours, pilgrimages, school trips, concerts and events of any kind.

A professional solution with full respect of all measures relating to health and food storage, to meet the need of freedom of the lunch with the bag lunch: ideal for school trips and pilgrimages, as well as excursions and sporting events.  

The lunch baskets are an innovative proposal to the Italian market, but already widely acclaimed for their versatility as an evolution of the popular abroad lanchbox (dumbwaiter used to store children's snacks). It is not easy to prepare a lanchbox alone, not all foods lend themselves to this type of container that is stored and transported at room temperature with all the problems that can make the appended food toxic and dangerous.

Gastronomia e Catering places utmost importance on the type and composition of food, materials and packaging systems most suitable for the proper storage of food, but the organoleptic characteristics of food (in terms of aroma/flavor /texture).

Gastronomia e Catering makes any single event with boxed lunches designed and prepared with utmost care and professionalism, contributing to the success of the event.

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